Well, here I am. This is my first shot at attempting to blog any of my works, thoughts, or plain old randomosity. I’m not very good at it, but I’ll be trying. And this is going to be my very first post (obviously) onto the site. As such, I’m going to share a personal thought that gets me through the day, just to make this look like it has some sort of sense. This was my response to a close friend of mine who, just yesterday, sent me a message denoting his giving up on writing and creativity. So, in reply (and this goes for anyone who’s ever wanted to create)…

You are the writer. You will probably never share the belief that your writing is beautiful (unless maybe if you’ve just created the works of GOD) with anyone else. However, now you know how ANY other novelist in the entire world, from today to the beginning of time, has felt. I don’t know about you, but for me I can bring back the exhilaration with the remembrance of a single thing.

This world is terrible and unforgiving (but there still remains beauty). These people are selfish and insensitive (but there still remains the handful of our population who are better than the saints). I am practically a raw, worn stone wall of idiocy and young foolishness (but there still are those diamonds of virtue and beauty within me). This world and these people can take everything, EVERYTHING from me, that wall. They can break me down entirely and leave me as a simple pile of dust. But the funny thing to all of this?

Somehow, they’ll never discover those precious stones. They can’t take away my kindness unless I let them. They can’t take away my empathy unless I give it to them. They can’t take away my creativity- my imagination- my ability to WRITE… Unless I allow them to. And that is something I, not as a writer, not as an artist, but merely “one who wishes to create” will never give up, even if it means I have to be put at odds with this world and these people (and believe me, it’ll happen).

So write. Make. Remember that you HAVE created something, you’ve breathed life into people that without you wouldn’t exist. You are the god of your own mind. This is your world. These are your people. This is the proof that you are different, stronger, maybe even better than the rest. Believe, at least, in what I just ranted. Contemplate it, learn from it, get out there, and fabricate the existence of a new world.