I am from frozen climates,
From snow and ice and earth;
I am from a family of broken spirits and dead dreams,
From the flesh and blood of a fighter
And the heart and soul of an artist.

I am from a nomadic family,
From long days of eventless travel.
I am borne from the sweat of my ancestors,
Warriors and writers, steel swords and feather quills.
I am part of the legacy they died to protect.

I am from a caged dove,
Her wings broken and her hope gone.
I am from a thief of innocence,
His words deceiving and his thoughts paranoid.
I am the offspring of a Beauty and a Beast.

I am the one who can recognize angels,
The one who sacrifices herself for others.
I am the one who sings out “Freedom”,
Who voices my thoughts and emotions for others to hear.
And so, with my heart on my sleeve…

I Am the dreamer and I Am the dream.