Dear Lobster,

This letter is now irrelevant and about transformer owls. The greatest thing in life is a text adventure. Notice: You’re missing your right hand. Mirrors. Doors. Star Stealing Girl. Red Dead Redemption. That one theme that I can never recall for the life of me. Joining me on a writer’s adventure. Doing better than I expected. Complaining about relatives. Finding Kirby in a monocle on your game map. More owls. Monster hamster. Tally Hall. Kitchen utensils. Ruling the world with a spaghetti-bound fist. Gibberish that, to us, somehow makes sense, but at the same time… Doesn’t.

Being able to make me laugh on the worst of days, at the weirdest of moments, and putting up with my occasional whiny rant.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,