Dear Angel,

I still want to know… Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? You never told me the answer before you went back home. I miss you, you know. You couldn’t choose to stay, and I understand that… But it doesn’t lessen the pain of having lost you.

You were my first best friend. You kissed away my “boo-boos” and let me mend yours. You held my hand when I was afraid. You assured me that the nurse’s office “wasn’t quite that bad”. You snuck into the boy’s bathroom with me (on a silly dare) and sat through detention with me. You saw me taken away from my family. You hugged me when I returned from the hospital. You knew me when I was still happy; still innocent; still smiling. And you accepted me when I was lost, confused, and quiet.

Thank you, Angel. Rest in peace, and know that I’ll smile for you.

Yours sincerely,