Oh, not again…
Boy, what have you gotten yourself into this time…?

You know this hurts me…
…The party is over, dear.
Everyone’s gone home.
Like a lost child or a leper or some terrified soldier,
here you still remain.

Oh, love…
One more chance.
Give up! Give in! Let me care for you!
You are my world, darling.
No, no, no– You’re scaring me now. Wait, please…


The trickling of water and sweat.
The burst of redlight silence.
Shadows playing in your midnight vision.
Uncontrolled, diluted, dilating blurring.
The claustrophobic pressure fracturing your skull.
Loss of belief, fear of love, aversion to faith.

… I’ll protect you, darling.
I’ve faith in you. I believe you.
I love you, and so long as you’re under fire
I’ll cover the both of us.
Leave the fight to me, dear.
Just bide your time.
Stay out of trouble.
Mend yourself…
I’ll fight both of our demons.

Just pray you awaken
before I lose my self, too…