Good morning, world.
I don’t mean to be a bother
and I don’t want to cause a fuss
but I was really wondering
if you, maybe, just by chance,
saw where my other half went?–
You’re sure?
… Positive?
Well, just to check, world,
Let me tell you about him…

He’s tall,–
… No, not a skyscraper, world–
Nor is he a tree–
Will you just let me finish?

… Quiet now? Yes? Good.
He’s tall, not too dark, a little scrawny,
and he… Uhm…
Well, he’s very sweet–
He isn’t a chocolate bar, world–
No, you may not have him–
I’m not finished yet, world!

As I was saying.
He’s sweet when he wants to be,
and he has a fresh sense of humor.
I’d like very much to find him, you see,
since he and I are very good friends–
Married? Oh, ah, no, world, we–
I don’t plan to be–
Children? I don’t know–
Would you–

Fine, world! You and your nitpicky,
useless, smothering ways win!
Just like you to never listen!
Now, if you’ll excuse me,
I have my other half to find…