The woods were made for the hunter of dreams, the brooks for fishers of songs.
When two worlds meet, one of solidity and the other of dust, that is when reality and imaginary bleed together.

Child of the moon, you were born on a journey.
As protector of mankind, you fled the laws of the true cycle, seeking loopholes and ways around the inevitable.
Your existence seemed near to end, as the Final Truth came to your spirit’s doorstep.
The grim shadow of a falcon nestled deep in the forest spared your life.
Through a bond that none fully understand, you have borrowed the glittering sands from Time’s hourglass.
You have known peace, cruelty, hope and despair, but you have yet to know kindness.

Rememberer – You have been Chosen for something that cannot be taken back.
It is only through you that this moon child continues to exist.
The All has heard you through her; The Overmind will not forget.
But cease to believe and she shall cease to be.