It’s frank, and it’s fucked, but I’m learning now that my heart isn’t breaking down; It’s my world. I need to get away from all the things that made me lose my mind before. I’ll write you letter after letter when I’m gone, to tell you that I made it, or that I cannot take this. Irate, caught in the worst storm inside of me, words start to feel misplaced. You were my friend, but now i’m taking you to hell.

So where the hell’s my hope, and why can’t I just try? You know I’ve lost a lot, but I won’t let this die. I’ve got all these plans laid out again like this is war. I came to your house to get you out of all this shit that held you down. I want to pray that I am doing everything right. Even though I lost my voice and then my mind, don’t worry, ’cause I’ll be fine.

A feeling’s just a feeling ’til you let it get the best of who you are. Am I in love? Or am I dreaming? Where’s my hope in all of this? No, no, I can’t tell you where I’ve been, but I hope to God you know I want to run away from this. There is not much to explain, except I find myself blinded by every bit of light.

I really think I’m gone. I set my words on the ground and I was grinding my teeth, stayed awake just long enough to see you. You know I’ve got some things to sing about. My heart woke up my head like a thunderstorm; you know that way things change when music takes up my life? I just want to hear you…

Would you believe in my songs if I gave them all to you? I’ll keep you singing along for all that I can… Yeah, this time, I’ll know what to say. I’ve been tearing out my throat with dangerous words. I wrote this song for you, kid; it’s not the reasons that I left, just the ones that kept me hanging onto you…

Am I wrong, or is this really what you want to happen? When all I want to do is have this, I’m not strong enough to breathe. I finally think I understand what she was saying to me; I think I’m ready to sing this time. You are my song, you are where I want to be; and I swear to god that I love you, ’cause I can’t explain it.