A change is coming.

 I can feel it in my bones…
A burning, boiling, scintillating source
of wild, sentient energy.
It shrieks at me in utmost silence:
“Wake up! Stand your ground!
Pay attention to the world’s undoing!”

 … How have I gone for so long
and not heard this?
How have I lasted so long
without feeling this graceful,
well-meaning monster inside of me?
And how do I continue to ignore her and survive?

It’s like needles now
pushed into my eyes,
disallowing me to shut them against the world.
It’s like a pair of snakes
constricting about me,
a pleasant pain to rouse me from slumber.
It’s like forgiving somebody
when in truth
I cannot forgive what they’ve done.
It’s like a pause
just before the world
deems it safe to come crashing down on me
just one