“Release me again; release me from my cage…”

My eyes are ablaze
with a whirlwind of fury
that you’ve brought
upon me.

 Do you mean
to bury me
all this pain and rage?

Shortness of breath,
a flash of red in sight,
black at the corners
of my vision.

My muscles
remain heavy, weighted down
with the wrath
of millions.

My heart beats-
beating, beating-
the sound of war drums;
setting aside my withered, quivering, stifled remorse.

Help me?
I never asked for it.
Save me?
Save yourself.

I am not your friend.
I am not your savior.
I am not your love.
I am not your light.
I am not your god.
I am not  yours.

It pressures me
to turn against you;
to rip that

worthless heart
from its cage.


I have you!
Your life
is within my grasp.
Just one more step

One more shove

And your breath will cease–
for me

 … No. Just as suddenly
as it began,

that monstrous creature
gives way
to a child’s tears.

did I do
to deserve
your hate…?”