You want to know me.

You want to understand
what hides behind that
timid smile,
a rosy blush
and faded eyes.

It is not so simple as
pale flesh
and full lips,
and modesty
wrapped up in innocence
and a silk knot.

Some have said
that the sun itself
chases after me
in curious desire.
They have told me what they see:
solar energy
twining about my throat.
Embracing me.
The sun greedily sucks me dry
like the vampire
I was supposed to be.

Some have whispered
that I carry
within my heart
the blessing of night.
Starlight curls about my wrists
and the moon pulses
within my veins,
informing me of
that sweet
set out for me

I am a menace
to their orderly lives
and the bindings
that hold their hopes

Yet still…
Awe and terror
within the voices of the masses
as they shriek,
“Ruin her,
burn her,
drown her,
kill her.”

You stand aside from them,
You embrace a moment
of chaos
if only to hear
my sorry ramblings;
venom crushed
into your wounds
and the cure between my teeth.

You stand here,
but with me.

A single child
with an army of creatures,
imaginary or otherwise,
at her beck and call.

You say you want to know me
but you don’t even
know yourself,
dear boy.

You say you want to help me
but what you don’t see
is that it’s my hands
crushing the life
from your lungs.

You say I am not a mystery to you.
You are a terrible liar.
You do not know me.

You do not hear
the heartbeat
of the earth
you trample underfoot.

You do not see
the rhythms,
cycles and patterns
of life.

You do not feel
these thunderous prophecies
clattering within
your mind.

You do not utter
madness and warnings,
hoping to reveal
this sweet deception.

You do not taste
blood meant for another’s pain
as you take another
bullet to your soul.

You do not fathom
this innocence,
so full of sunshine
and storm clouds
waiting to release the flood.

As the waves crash down
upon you
and those who dared to drag me down,
you will see me only
as what I could be.

And as an ocean of tears
and memories
drag you beneath the flow–
as you beat against the current,
I will ensure that
who I am
will remain
forever and utterly