wrap me up
in your
unfortunate silence.
strangled and
gasping for breath,
my eyes
seek yours
but find only
a broken mirror,
devoid of any

you poor statue,
why must you cry…?
the tears
are frozen
upon your cracked face,
and lifeless,
the testimony
to old wounds.

this is only natural.
i regret
that i
cannot comfort you.
i have been
where you now are,
and all i can say
are the truths
we’d rather avoid.

break out.
the chains that bind you
are of your own craft..!
this cage
is but only a cocoon,
and in your
panicked depression,
you have
delayed your transformation
for years.
you’ve grown, child.
now we’re all waiting for you –
young and old,
dead and living.
this is your rebirth.

don’t wait too long.
nobody lives forever,
and you’re
running out of oxygen
within your withering shell.