i left you drowning in the sky.
i possessed the potential to make you happy,
but i tore the contract apart and ran.
now i'm crawling back.
i'm not quite free of my pride
just yet, but i plan to break free
if i can survive these brainless years.

people tell me i'm young,
and say i shouldn't be searching
for that bright, shining glimpse
of my own heaven just yet.
i can't agree with them.
once, i was aged beyond my years,
a show of inspired wisdom.
now i know that it was just that:
my head was playing games with me
and i've yet to understand anything at all.
so hey, i'm sorry for how i've acted
and i'll change myself- not for you,
but for the sake of who i could be.

still, i've been trying to sleep
and you keep banging these clouds together,
screaming down into my gem-encrusted ditch,
"can you hear me?
i miss you."

yes, dear,
i hear you.
i can't really find it in me to be concerned
with all this ringing in my ears,
but i catch notes of your words
even through this raucous thunder.

just let me sleep in a little while longer, please.
i'm counting my blessings
and willing the sun to break through the smog.

some time, someday,
it will.