…so I told it you’d be there soon,
but instead,
you linger at the cliff’s edge,
wrapped up
in the mottled feathers
of your insecurities.
you always felt
like the ugly starling,
shrieking your song
with the hope of being found.
your parents are gone, dear,
and no damsel can save you
from the dragons you roost with.
it’s past time to leap,
and here i am
pushing you out of my
nest of lost words
and unwanted things.

you never understood my intentions.
it’s not that i didn’t care;
it’s that i loved you too much,
my friend,
to mend those cracks
spidering through your bones.

“go ahead,
say it:
you’re leaving.
you’ll just come back running,
holding your
scarred heart
in hand…”