Writing is an extremely rough process. One must take into consideration the plot, characters, subplots, structure, sentence fluency, word usage, and of course, the themes.

The themes are what we are looking to in this writing. Dark and morbid settings call for a theme such as hope. Romantic novels pull at the strings of love. Bravery and perseverance play a part in the stories of action and fantasy novels.

What themes match your own soul’s appearance? How do you get through? How do you hope, dream, love, persevere? Is it through the twilight of the spirit’s thoughts, or in the radiant dawn?

How? More importantly, why? Does anybody know the answer to those simple questions? And above all, is anyone willing to step up, speak up and share their beliefs?

I walk all paths of the day and night, cutting my own passages when I must.
I persevere in the face of loss.
I hope in the company of despair.
I dream in the blank halls of depression.
I show bravery in the narrow mountain roads inhabited by my personal demons.
I refuse to give in and I take another step forward into your world, another step away from my own.
Sometimes I myself become lost.

But we must become lost to be found.
We must part with ourselves if we are to become one.
We must learn the difference between a decision and a choice.
We must judge our position and find our own resolutions.
We must become willing to rant now and again.
We must discover the birthplace of solitude.
We must find ourselves.