as you wake up from this dream–
break down, face to the ground,
knuckles bloodied – put them down;
Deeper and deeper you fall,
nobody to answer your call:
Your shriek, your plea, your SCREAM for help,
and deliverance from the pain you’ve felt
and are experiencing still–and with each passing day
you can still sense yourself     slipping         away.
You can still sense the void in your chest,
the deep black hole from when your heart left,
and here you are, still stranded here–
Salvation’s in sight, so far but so near!
beatBeatBEATBEATING the drums,
made from the flesh and bones of our sons
and daughters, too, who gave up their lives
to save us each from our own seperate strife
when most of us deserve it not
and should instead be left to rot:
Crows to pick out our eyes,
and vultures our tongues,
Darken the sky and blacken our lungs!


But neither do you, you despicable fiend,
you liar, you cheat, you maker of schemes.
Hasten the day and name the fool;
thus, oppress the weak so that he may rule,
and lead us blindly through the valley of the dead
to uncover the secret and lay us to rest.